Post-Conviction Restrictions by Jurisdiction


PROBATION: served instead of a prison sentence.

SUPERVISED RELEASE, frequently referred to as probation: served after release from a prison sentence.

For both probation and supervised release, the offender will be under the supervision of a U.S. Probation Officer.

MANDATORY Conditions of Supervision: Required by 18U.S.C.§3583, these are frequently included in a district’s Standard Conditions.

STANDARD Conditions of Supervision: These vary in each federal district and may vary based on the date of the offense.

SPECIAL Conditions of Supervision: Imposed by a judge at sentencing, these will vary from case to case.  Examples can be found here.

Always follow the conditions given to you by your U.S. Probation Officer. 

To view the federal guidelines pertaining to these conditions visit the links below:

Loss of Rights

Individuals with felony convictions lose certain rights, and the possible restoration of those rights vary state by state.

For a state by state comparison of loss and restoration of civil and firearms rights click below: