Our Mission

Probation Information Network was founded in 2019 after personal experience with the federal criminal justice system illuminated the many faults, disconnects, and stumbling blocks on the path to reintegration.  It also proved that focus, determination, and a strong support system can lead to success.  Everyone deserves second chances, and we knew we wanted to help others with theirs.  And so, PIN was created to help federal defendants and their loved ones navigate the information, misinformation, and, often, lack of information available during this experience.


At Probation Information Network, we believe that everyone in society benefits when returning citizens have a smooth transition when coming home from prison.  To that end, we provide information and access to resources to assist those navigating the federal criminal justice system, including individuals facing incarceration, both before and after they begin their sentences, as well as their families and loved ones.  Our website offers guides and checklists for every step of the process, as well as a directory of federal criminal defense attorneys.  We work with probation officers, treatment centers, social workers, universities, and law firms to build and maintain comprehensive databases of reentry resources and post-conviction rules and restrictions for every state and federal district.


Countless questions exist in the minds of those who find themselves involved in the federal criminal justice system.  Defendants are overwhelmed and often in shock.  Their loved ones feel lost and helpless.  We hope our website provides some clarity, peace of mind, and reassurance that there is a path through this.  We believe access to resources and information should never be dictated by financial ability, so we offer these guides and databases completely free of charge.  If you need more guidance than you can find here, we are available for private consultations.