What Can People Send Me in Federal Prison?

In the Federal Bureau of Prisons there are no care packages.  So what can people send you in federal prison?  Besides putting money on your account and writing you letters, the only things your loved ones can send you are magazine subscriptions and books.  And while you’ll be grateful for anything someone sends you, it’s better to get reading material you’ll actually enjoy reading.

Check your assigned facility’s policies, but most facilities require books to come straight from the publisher or a book club or a bookstore like Amazon, which means your loved ones won’t be able to mail books directly which is why the Amazon Wish List is the best way to go.

If you have someone create an Amazon Wish List for you, you can choose what books or authors or genres of books you want to receive.  This also makes sure your shipping address is correct every time and that you don’t get multiple copies of the same book.  And it’s easy for them to update and add books to the list whenever you hear of something else you want.  They can share the list with all your friends and family so when your loved ones want to send you something, they can just select a book or two and click send.  This makes it easy for the sender and you’ll be sure to get books you want every time.


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