Returning Citizens

Returning Citizens.  Justice-Involved Individuals.  Ex-Offenders.  These are the new descriptors of the previously incarcerated.  Felons.  People who have been to prison.  Call them what you will, their numbers are growing rapidly.  If you’ve never been in prison, if no one in your family has ever been in prison, if you don’t know anyone who has been in prison you should count yourself lucky.  Statistics show that is increasingly rare.  Over 2 million Americans are incarcerated at the moment and the vast majority of them will be released eventually.  In 2019, the Federal Bureau of Prisons alone released 45,075 people.  They are returning citizens.  For them, and for their loved ones, there are resources to help them navigate this new chapter.


The Probation Information Network is here to help guide you through the federal criminal justice system.  We have guides and checklists for every step of the way, as well as a directory of federal criminal defense lawyers searchable by location and legal specialty.  Explore the site and share it with those who can benefit from it.