Growing Up with Incarcerated Parents

Final Series

By Davis81 – Research Intern

To conclude the incarcerated parent’s series, I would say I had experienced a lot when my mom was in prison. It was all a learning lesson. When I share my story, people always say, “you don’t look like what you been through,” which is honestly true. I tend not to open up and share my journey because I grew to not just want to share it with anyone. I typically share with people I am close to. I am glad that I could share bits and pieces of my life growing up while my mother was incarcerated with the world because I know I am not the only one out there who has experienced this. I want to leave the children who have some parents in prison with some advice:

  1. Do not let your parent’s actions define your future – Just because they are your parent does not mean you are a reflection of them. Everyone is entitled to their own actions, and your life is your own.
  2. Strive to be the best you can be – Do not put your life on hold because of your adversities. Continue to work hard and do your best! You are the only one who can dictate your future, especially when you get older. No one will be there to make decisions for you.
  3. If you need support from people, seek it – DO NOT keep everything bottled up. Speak up, get the help you need, go to counseling. In the end, you are going to wish you got the support. People will always need help whether they think so or not.
  4. Love yourself – Remember that in everything you do, you need to always love yourself. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will love you as you love you!