Growing Up with Incarcerated Parents

Views of People

By Davis81 – Research Intern

Think about a time you experienced something tragic, and afterward, you started looking at the people and things around you differently? I am pretty sure we all have. I’ve experienced that when my mom went to prison. I didn’t negatively look at people but more so in a way like “people go through things, and they get through things.” When I was younger, I used to look at people who got into trouble and think they could never get their lives back on track because of the simple fact that they have a record. Society has played a part in that viewpoint for me because they make it seem like your life is over once you get into trouble with the law. Well, I’ve seen firsthand that that statement is not valid. My mom has since come home and wholly done a 360. She did everything she had to do to get herself back on her feet.
When she came home, she got a job, lived with some family for a couple of months, got a car, and cared for the family. Things were going good for mom. She then decided to make the big decision to move to a new state for different scenery. She moved and went to trade school, graduated from her program. From that point on, she just leveled up. She proceeded to excel, and things just got better. So, when it all comes down to my view on people – they do have the potential to change and make better decisions in their life. It is always their choice. People do change!