Growing Up with Incarcerated Parents

Series Introduction

By Davis81 – Research Intern

I am sure we can all attest to “being on the outside looking in” to some degree. Well, I would like to take you all on a journey and share one of the most significant events I encountered as a child. I can count on my hands the number of people I have told the story about growing up with a parent who was incarcerated. I know it will be different, knowing that I will start writing about it and putting it out on the internet. With this series, I plan to talk about my experience with an incarcerated parent in all aspects. For instance, how it made me feel, what the cons were, what my life was like growing up without a parent, etc.  I want to travel back in time and paint an image for you. I want to talk about the beginning, middle, and end of growing up with an incarcerated parent. I plan to be as transparent as possible and share all that I can remember. I am honored to share this part of my life with anyone this post comes across. I hope whoever this comes across has an open mind to be able to not so much relate to where I came from but to try to put themselves in my shoes.