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Higher Education 1

Reentry Education Guide

Education is a cornerstone of success and can broaden your opportunities upon reentry. It will assist you in becoming more employable, provide access to more resources, and give you a sense of personal fulfillment. Pursuing your GED or HiSET, certification or trade programs, and higher education are all possible both while still in custody and post-incarceration.



Interview Tip 3Reentry Employment Guide

Obtaining employment is important when it comes to a successful reentry and will help you become financially stable, self-sufficient, and have a sense of belonging amongst your community. This Reentry Employment Guide includes job training and job search resources; tips for cover letters, resumes, and job interviews; employer benefits of hiring justice-impacted individuals; entrepreneurship details; and record clearing resources.



BenefitsReentry Financial Guide

Financial security is essential for returning citizens to succeed upon reentry. Regardless of your level of income, financial literacy will help you meet your basic needs, provide for your family, and save towards your future goals.



Record ClearingHow to Clear Your Criminal Record

Record clearing is the term used to describe the various methods of hiding or erasing an individual’s criminal record.  The terminology, eligibility, and process vary from state to state.  Record clearing can include expungement, record restriction/sealing, and more.