Love in the Time of Covid

How do we support our incarcerated loved ones during a pandemic?  Our own lives are in various states of disarray yet we must still support our friends and family behind bars.  The visiting rooms have been closed for months and facilities are on modified lockdown.  In the best of times, life in a federal prison can most generously be described as bearable, but these are far from the best of times.  The reports we hear from our loved ones are disturbing to say the least.  And that’s just what they’re willing to tell us.


The best thing we can do to keep their spirits up is to keep ours up as well.  Stay in touch and stay positive.  Write letters and emails, send books and magazines, send pictures even if they’re just of our smiling faces.  Remind them that we haven’t forgotten about them, that we’re still here.  This is just one chapter and it will eventually end.  We just have to keep turning the pages until it does.