The Federal Bonding Program

One of the primary challenges for returning citizens is finding a job because employers often view ex-offenders as risky hires.  The Federal Bonding Program works to encourage employers to give returning citizens a chance by offering bonds for at-risk job applicants, including justice-involved individuals.

What is it?

The US Department of Labor created the Federal Bonding Program in 1966 to encourage employers to hire potentially risky job seekers.  Since then, over 52,000 at-risk job seekers have been bonded, giving a hiring incentive and peace of mind to the employers.

How does it work?

The FBP bonds guarantee reimbursement for the employer in the case of any loss due to employee theft.  They can range in value from $5,000 to $25,000 and cover the first six months of the bonded individual’s employment at no cost to the employer.  These bonds can be used for any job in the U.S.

Applying for jobs with a criminal record can be stressful but the Federal Bonding Program gives you a better chance of being hired.  Make sure your prospective employers know about the program.  You may even want to print this brochure and bring it with you to interviews.  For more information call toll free: 1.877.US2.JOBS (1.877.872.5627) or visit

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